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Private Cloud Hosting and Solutions

Cloud computing may have as many definitions as the term “IT” itself, but Clearview is focusing its private cloud hosting offers on high-value, quickly deployed, cost optimized solutions that leverage cloud infrastructures.  Our recommendation to clients is to consider cloud virtualization solutions that:

  1. Attain and accelerate infrastructure consolidation, and
  2. Enhance disaster recovery and business continuity

VMware is the dominant provider of cloud computing software.  At Clearview, we engage with our clients to help consolidate their in-house systems, and we create private cloud computing environments for them as a service.  VMware’s tools and software systems enable both.  Our VMware administration leverages everything from VMware’s physical to virtual tool kits to the live application migration capability in Metro VMotion.  We see real business value in the VMware services such as vCloud Director, SRM, DRS, and VDI.

Clearview is a unique and valuable partner for cloud strategy and execution.  We leverage a broad offering that starts with IT architecture, develops with IT sourcing, moves to data center migration, balances in-house and third party data centers, and completes with a re-established BCDR plan.

Private clouds may be best deployed internally, with private cloud hosting companies, and across multiple sites for resiliency and recovery.

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