Quick-Connectsm by Clearview

The easiest, fastest way to recover your business

Let’s face it.  No matter how much you plan, eventually something will go wrong, and your business will face a disruption.  In fact, disruptions are becoming more and more frequent primarily due to changing weather and its effects on power, networks and the physical facilities where people work.  We sincerely hope you never experience a disruption; but if you do, we have your go-to back-up servers, networks and space standing ready for you.

Simply plug in, and you’re ready

While many other DR solutions require declaration setup, equipment procurement and waiting 48 hours for shipments to arrive at a secondary location, Clearview has permanent offices adjacent to its Central Texas Data Center.  This gives you a total solution:  data, networks and fully equipped space for your people.  A comfortable place where you can recover and resume operations quickly without the hassle of building your own emergency environment after the initial disruption.  Because we have staff and equipment on location, you simply go to our offices and plug in to your corporate network. Everything’s pre-defined, secure and ready.

Our Quick-Connect offices feature all the amenities you would expect plus some unique features that give your business an edge during an otherwise difficult time.

Facilities/Data Center

  • Generator-backed
  • 24x7x365 manned security
  • Biometric/card controlled access
  • Video surveillance
  • In-house remote smart hands


  • Fiber
  • Geographically diverse
  • Multi-carrier
  • Blended BGP internet access


  • Furnished workstations
  • Conference rooms
  • Standard desktop PC configurations
  • VoIP phone and internet connect
  • In-house technical support
  • Nearby lodging and restaurants (pre-negotiated hotel rates)
  • Mobile recovery units also available for additional modular workspace
  • Quick-ship technology available within 24 hours


Quick-Connect Floor PlanA home away from home.  The Quick-Connect office space is much like a well-appointed internet hotel except that it is mere feet away from your main production at the Central Texas Data Center and that it has been especially equipped and maintained for your recovery.  Our concierge is there to respond to your needs for people and office support, while our managed services team is there to help with all your technical requirements.  Central Texas is central to your business.  Both the Central Texas Data Center and the Quick-Connect are located in downtown Waco, Texas.  You are probably thinking, “Why Waco?”  We chose Waco for a number of reasons:

  • Within 200 miles of most of Texas’ businesses
  • Access to power beyond the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin grids
  • Easy and fast fiber routes to and among Texas’ largest cities
  • Highly educated and skilled workforce
  • Friendly and service-oriented community

Waco is far enough away from your main production location to truly segregate from any disruption you may be having.  At the same time, it’s only about a 2-hour drive or minutes by air.  So come on by.  We invite you to visit Quick-Connect and learn more by visiting www.clearviewfocus.com or by calling Jay Battershell at 972.419.5915.


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